The Stress of Leisure is a band which hails from Brisbane (Queensland), heavily influenced by its sub tropical surroundings. Main songwriter Ian Powne started performing under the moniker in 2005, however, coined the term two years previously writing it on his home recordings. The Stress of Leisure is a truly independent band and continues to release under its own imprint The Stress of Leisure Recording Co. Five albums have been released: The Stress of Leisure (2006), Hour to Hour (2008), Soft Approach (2010), Cassowary (2012) and Achievement (2015); as well as the 7" single Sex Time (2011). The lineup has fluctuated since inception, however currently is Ian Powne (guitar, vocals), Pascalle Burton (keys, vocals), Jane Elliott  (bass) and Jessica Moore (drums). Various commentators have referred to the band as 'local pop wonders', as 'criminally underrated', a band that ease 'seamlessly through a variety of genres'. 


Ian Powne (guitar/vocals)
Pascalle Burton (keys/synths/vocals)
Phil Usher (drums/percussion)
Jane Elliott (bass/cello)
Ben Moore (bass)
Jessica Moore (drums/percussion/vocals)
Tony Strong (drums)
Almaryse Burton (vocals)




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