Another new album is on its way, and to just give you a taster, we’ve done a video for the song I Wanna Be Adult.

The video is inspired by the television program Come Dine With Me. Pascalle Burton came up with the idea and saw the concept through to its realisation. We were ably supported by Phil Usher on camera, who incidentally played drums on our last album Achievement. Adele Pickvance, once of the legendary Go-Betweens, The Far Our Corporation and The Dave Graney Show, also makes a star cameo.

There were some excellent meals prepared during the making of this, and as much as shooting a video is always strenuous, we thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of our labour.

The song itself focuses in on the term ‘adult’. We hear this term a lot, especially from politicians. It’s all a bit paradoxical.

Of course, we love this type of absurdity at The Stress of Leisure.