Spiral Stairs, aka Scott Kannberg, co-founder of the legendary band Pavement, is playing Brisbane Easter Saturday (April 20), and The Stress is proud to be joining him and band on the night. Also on the bill are those non-excitable top notch types Eyes Ninety and the emerging Electric Zebra. This is going to be better than a date with Ikea and what’s more, it’s in our old stomping ground of Stones Corner.

Hark back to the early nineties and a younger Ian listened to Pavement almost relentlessly, lots of lyrics basically being imprinted on Ian’s cerebral cortex. Have loved seeing both Spiral and Malkmus play out since their Pavement days. So much great music. The quality continues.

We can’t wait to play this one. We’re ready to be hyp-no-tized!

The Stress of Leisure are playing one final gig for 2018 at The Bearded Lady, Saturday December 22. We’re part of the festivities for radio station 4ZZZ’s End Of Year Party, and will be playing alongside Bad Bangers and Adele Pickvance and the Chandeliers. Catch us under the mistletoe…

2018 has been a great year and we’ve played all over Australia, from Cairns to Hobart to Perth and Adelaide, joining friends Regurgitator and Custard on tour. Got to support the mighty Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds as well around May, and also play alongside many of our friends here in the Brisbane music scene at many fine events such as this 4ZZZ one.

We’ve been in the rehearsal room working up ideas so hopefully 2019 will see a whole swag of new material from us. In fact the fun part of being in a band is coming up with new tunes.

So I guess, on that note, and considering we’ve had a year to remember, we’re surely CHRISTMAS POSITIVE.

So the Regurgitator ‘Life Support’ tour has concluded. Despite Jane Elliott, our boss on the bass, being the only one not to get a cold from the experience, we had a great time.

We followed our friends Regurgitator and Glitoris all over Australia – Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Kingscliff, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Opening for most of the tour we had a ringside seat to all the action. Glitoris were well received everywhere, people loved them and their glittery getup. They really made us up ‘our game’ as they’ve got an impressive presence. As for the ‘Gurge they managed to pack out every venue we played, loyal fans turning out in droves jumping up and down in unison. We would especially look forward to the group chant of I Will Lick Your Asshole.., as well as the craziness of The Song Formerly Known As – the crowd reaction was priceless. The new songs off their latest album Headroxx also worked a treat.

There are a number of accounts of the various nights – Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, and Adelaide. But our favourite is of the Brisbane night when the reviewer states “They also asked the audience to not judge Greg”. The Greg in question, was none other than Mr. Greg Jard who did sound (and motivational support) for all the bands on tour. Ok, we like him! We dedicated our song Sex Time to Greg and Regurgitator.

Big thanks to Regurgitator and Paul (their manager) for inviting us along, and for all the support.

(Photo credit above to Katherine O’Malley)

This August The Stress of Leisure are going to be joining the mighty Regurgitator on a national tour. Also joining us are Canberra’s Glitoris. It’s all very excellent.

Ever since the single ‘Blubber boy’ the Gurge have had an imprint on my musical brain. They were the band you heard at parties everywhere in 90s Brisbane, all types playing ’em on their stereos. So much fun, with a political conscience. Recorded their first full length album in a broken Bangkok studio, I remember that. I also remember to trying awkwardly dance to the ‘Kong Foo Sing’ in some Valley nightclub, what feels like eons ago. They’ve got lots of tunes to make you move actually. That’s probably why their songs from 20 years ago still live strong today. People love to have a good time!

Looking forward to playing in Perth and Hobart for the first time, and as well Adelaide. This tour is going to be heaps fun. As long as Jane Elliott remembers to pick up the keyboard stand and ensure it is tagged and in oversized baggage, I think everything will go swimmingly well.

Do yourself a favour.


We’re going to be supporting Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds at The Foundry on Saturday, May 19.

Having seen the band in full flight last time they were in Brisbane, we can testify – this will be a great gig. Ourselves and the mighty Gentle Ben and His Shimmering Hands will be in support.

Kid Congo Powers, is an American rock guitarist and singer, best known as a member of The Gun Club, the Cramps and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Alongside the Pink Monkey Birds, he continues a great legacy.

We’ll be trying a few new songs out in our set. One is a cover of a well-known song by R.E.M. which I think we’ve re-made appropriately for us.

Come check it out.

Jane Elliott, bass player in The Stress of Leisure and expert in perfumery, was commissioned to come up with a fragrance match range for the members of Custard in celebration of our pending tour with them to the deep north of Queensland – Friday May 4 (Dalrymple Hotel, Townsville) and Saturday May 5 (Edge Hill Tavern, Cairns). Things will get tropical, but the scent of success will be in the air. Notes included below. Stocking soon…

David McCormack
Masculinity: eccentric, playful, creative
Favoured animal: a handsome, colourful cockatoo
Tropical hideaway: a luxurious turret packed with nautical memorabilia, overlooking a quiet Palm Cove vista
Fragrance notes: sophisticated, cooling citrus, for nights in white linen

Paul Medew
Masculinity: practical, adventurous, youthful
Favoured animal: a baby saltwater crocodile
Tropical activity: a solo kayak voyage down a lonely, mangrove-lined creek
Fragrance notes: lavender and hints of savannah spice float alluringly in the hot, muddy air

Matthew Strong
Masculinity: daring, rough ‘n tumble, devil may care
Favoured animal: a small pack of friendly dingoes
Tropical kickback tunes: Astrud Gilberto, Jimmy Buffett, Slayer
Fragrance notes: disturbing musk, inspired by said dingoes, is a louche evening hit

Glenn Thompson
Masculinity: urbane, minimal, artistic
Favoured animal: a rare fruit bat
Tropical cocktail: a blend of lychee and rum, with some kind of unusual nut giving a welcome trace of bitterness
Fragrance notes: austere church incense adds a meditative note to a stroll down the backpacker strip

It’s time to fill the Xmas stockings with lashings of Pulled Pork, our latest single from album Eruption Bounce.

What’s so special about this video is that we managed to convince Adam Hadley to wear a gold suit with a pig mask. Furthermore, what’s so special about this video is that we had to convince Adam Hadley to stop wearing a gold suit with a pig mask. He really is something – beguiling, bewitching in fact, moving with such precise delicacy you want him on the plate. So delicious…

We shot the video at a special green screen location in Coorparoo, Brisbane. Once more, we were lucky to have Phil Usher on hand to do some photography for us. Phil is always a calm presence, especially when our collective hunger reaches epic proportions with a mantra like ‘pulled pork’ on repeat.

The video also repesents a look we’ve been donning over the course of the Eruption Bounce tour – black clothes, with the ‘product’ t-shirts and red neckerchief. We’ve now essentially retired this look, but it may reappear sporadically in the future. This look isn’t perfect for January through to March here in sub-tropical Brisbane, but hey, you have to be tough to live in Queensland.