Faux Wave Is Released!











Today we launch our new album Faux Wave to the world. You can find it on most of the usual online platforms.

What a crazy year, and to think that this is a small consolation prize for all the upheaval of the last several months. We were lucky to record this album just before the lockdown happened around the globe.

Faux Wave is probably our best album. I say ‘probably’, because you can never tell with the midsts of time what is ‘the best’. It somehow feels like a renewal even though it’s a continuation. There is something special about it which doesn’t make me flinch when I hear it, and also gives me that feeling of “Why didn’t we try this earlier?!” It’s a collaborative effort, all of us bring something to this album that gives it a unity unlike before.

On about Day 4 of recording, I asked John Lee (who recorded, mixed and mastered Faux Wave) what kind of genre he thought we were. “Are we post-punk or art rock? What are we?” After some back and forth, John thought we had a No-Wave vibe to what we do. That was a high compliment in my book even though I’m thinking we’re nowhere even approximating Teenage Jesus and the Jerks or The Contortions. But, what would I know…. Later, in the evening when we were having dinner I was reflecting on the genre conversation again. Jessica Moore, without missing a beat simply added “No-Wave? More like faux wave!” We were simultaneously thrilled. The name stuck.

The title Faux Wave is interchangeable as our newly defined genre, or simply it is the encapsulating theme of this new album. And well, what an age we live in. The age of ‘fake news’, the age of products with shorter and shorter lifespans, of short-termism, environmental distress, more plastics, of reckoning with colonial heritages, upheaval, upheaval, upheaval. The list could go on and on….

So….let’s hear it for our favourite waves – ocean, sound, micro, blow, tidal, x-ray, radio and faux.

And, may this Faux Wave find you safe and well.


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